Building/Construction Insurance in France with ASTTRAL

France has a long tradition of legal regulation concerning  liabilities related to construction works in order to protect the owner of the building against major damage that can occur or come to light in the decade that follows the completion of the building. It is...

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Yacht Management on the French Riviera

Owning a yacht can and should be a pleasurable experience but, in reality, you may have found your vessel to be a drain on your time and finances. Finding suitable yacht insurance here on the French Riviera can add to this worry. Asttral Insurance has been arranging...

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The ASTTRAL Cyber Security Insurance Pack

Cybersecurity has become a growing concern for organisations all over the world. However, many companies are not properly protected. Introducing ASTTRAL's simple & cost effective solution: The Cyber Insurance Pack - the ultimate global cyber...

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A Fresh New Look For ASTTRAL In 2019

Stronger than ever in key markets. Over 20 years of tailoring services and offerings for clients all over the world. Please explore our new website and follow us on social media.

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