Corporate Insurance in France

Do you need to insure your French business?  Are you looking for corporate insurance in France? ASTTRAL has a designated team to provide insurance advice and solutions for clients who require thorough and often legislated cover for professional, commercial and business risks.

These include insurance for tangible assets inclusive buildings, machinery and equipment and for related business interruptions, plus liabilities for the activities of the companies, their shareholders, directors, staff and officers. Additionally for construction risks, ASTTRAL is in a position to provide advice and the associated covers in France for builders and construction projects.

For further information, including these products or a different scope of cover required, get in touch with ASTTRAL specialists, to gain access to the most appropriate policies.

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For expert consultancy or further information,
please contact our Corporate Lines Manager,
Ms. Jori Aaslestad


TEL: + 33 (0)491 994 418

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