I have known the ASTTRAL team, for 4 years now. I am one of many customers, but the high level service I receive gives me the impression I am always the only one of the moment who matters > incredibly personal attention, and the expert knowledge, leaves me totally assured I am insured. Shakespeare’s words encompasses all ASTTRAL’s qualities: “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”
ASTTRAL has them all, and you won’t be disappointed.

- Nigel Brooke

When friends and colleagues are moving to France, we always recommend that they reach out to Nick at ASTTRAL. He and his team have helped us immensely during our two expatriate assignments in France. Each time they have handled our home and automobile insurance needs with speed, courtesy and great rates.

- Todd Newman

Asttral pulled out all the stops recently when I was arranging my first French car insurance. I had only been in the country two months. The exercise was fraught mainly because of the difficulty I had obtaining information from the British authorities about my car’ s exact model. The ASTTRAL team hung in there throughout the bureaucratic roller coaster ride and together we managed to obtain the correct information to ensure I received French cover just before my British insurance ran out. Recommended.

- Cherie Rogers

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