France has a long tradition of legal regulation concerning  liabilities related to construction works in order to protect the owner of the building against major damage that can occur or come to light in the decade that follows the completion of the building.

It is not always easy to understand what type of cover  or when it is required …

…..A Compulsory Insurance cover is required for all builders that expedite works of construction in France impacting on the structure and the solidity of the building.

…..Corporate or Private Construction Projects might require a Compulsory Insurance Cover for the building.

ASTTRAL may advise and assist in finding the necessary insurance cover for Builders wanting to work in France and who may require the Compulsory Decennial Liability cover (Résponsabilité Civile Décennale), that would – as its name indicate – cover the works for a decade following its delivery.

ASTTRAL can also advise Private Individuals who wish to build either their Primary or Secondary Home in France, or Corporates wanting to develop their business in France by Investing in  Building Projects, & require a Damage to the Works Cover (Dommage Ouvrage).

Additional guarantees may also be highly recommended in order to protect your interests; the building, your liability, your investments; before – during – and after the works.

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