Marine Insurance in France

Are you looking for marine insurance in France? Do you require International marine professional indemnity? The marine and coastal industries include a wide variety of highly technical activities that require the knowledge of experts in insurance in the relevant fields.

These industries are exposed to a range of risks, related to designing and building vessels or marine engines, owning and managing a yacht or superyacht, transporting heavy lift cargo, piloting a ROV, installing subsea cables, towing or anchoring an oil rig, maintaining floating wind turbines, amongst others.

At ASTTRAL, our experience stems into international dimensions of large corporate contracts involving the operation of ships and equipment at sea or subsea, including chartering. The knowledge of complex contractual responsibilities and different insurance cultures allow ASTTRAL to accurately identify the financial exposures of these companies and propose specific insurance solutions.

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Our Marine Insurance Products

> Hull & Machinery (H&M)
> Protection & Indemnity (P & I)
> Specialist Operations Extensions
> Freight Demurrage & Defense (FD & D)
> Charterer’s Liability
> Charter Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance
> Contractor All Risks
> Cargo
> Professional Indemnity
> Crew Health Insurance & Benefits
> Mortgage Interest Insurance


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