Car Insurance in France

Looking for Car Insurance in France with support in english at a reasonable price?

Asttral’s Car Insurance offers:
• A first class guaranteed service in English or French.
• A solution that can be tailor made to fir your situation.
• FREE quote with no obligation or hidden extra’s.

According to the rules for car insurance in France, all vehicles must be insured, even if they are not in use. Vehicle insurance policies are either third-party; third-party fire and theft or comprehensive cover. With the comprehensive cover, always check the small print for exclusions.

If you are resident of a non EU country such as Canada or the USA, you can take advantage of a great system known as the TT scheme, in which you receive a car under temporary ownership at a very low price. Tax, insurance etc. is all taken care of for you, and you can use the car for a minimum of 17 days and a maximum of 180. 

If you have a UK registered vehicle which you wish to drive in France, you may wish to take out a Green Card .This is not an insurance policy in itself, but an internationally recognised card which guarantees that you have suitable legal insurance from your own country. Your insurer in England should be able to issue this card on request, and there should be no extra cost although some agents charge a small administrative fee. This option is only suitable for those who are UK residents. If you are resident in France the rules are different. This is only suitable for those who only need to drive the vehicle in France for less than 90 days per year.

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