Pension Plans in France

Are you looking to manage your pension plan in France? ASTTRAL can offer its clients access to investments, pensions & life insurance plans. For clients requiring a French based product, we have several companies in our portfolio who will provide a variety options & solutions.

Additionally to work for and provide financial planning for our international expatriate clients with the aim to provide more choice, ASTTRAL works with our partner company Beacon Global Wealth – they are a regulated EU wealth management company and are specialists in international financial planning. This compliments all of the other services offered by ASTTRAL.

Beacon Global Wealth provides financial planning and wealth management to expatriates in France, Spain, Portugal and in Europe generally as well as working for people on a global basis.

David Vacani the principal of Beacon outlines the services and areas that are carried out for clients:-

  1. INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS, like ASSURANCE VIE in France for expatriates looking to comply with local tax and investment requirements but helping them in their multi-jurisdictional life and financial planning.
  2. PENSION PLANNING for international clients whether by way of QROPs or SIPPs to manage and look after their pension plans in France.
  3. Modern REGULAR SAVINGS schemes for international companies and yacht and ship crews for example
  4. INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT with leading global fund managers.
  5. SPECIALIST INVESTMENT PLANNING FOR US TAX CITIZENS to help them in meeting their US reporting requirements when they reside in France or in other EU jurisdictions.
  6. FREE FINANCIAL REVIEWS for international clients looking to regularise their financial affairs when living abroad.

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